10 Crimes Sure to Raise Your Bail in Ohio

10 crimes that could raise bail in ohioWhen a person is arrested for a crime, usually on the first day or day thereafter, a bail hearing is held and a judge sets the bail amount. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant returns to court for all hearings until the case is completed. The bail acts as insurance for their return. This is why bail amounts differ according to crimes. Lesser offenses require much less bail money, while more serious crimes result in high bail amounts. For these crimes, getting out of jail using Fulton County bail bonds is advisable. Here are some of the most serious crimes that may result in higher bail:

1. Murder and Homicide

In every country, murder is considered to be a crime. If a person was killed as a result of your purposeful actions, the bail amount will be extremely high, because the government takes homicides extremely seriously.

2. Theft and Embezzlement

It might seem like a good idea to slowly pilfer money from your employer, but once you get caught, you’ll regret your scheme. In every state, theft and embezzlement is a serious offense – you’ll likely face a higher bail for the crime.

3. Intimidating Witnesses

We understand – it would be very convenient if key, unfriendly witnesses failed to show up at your trial. If you ask or suggest they don’t show, however, you could face charges of intimidating or aggravating a witness, which could result in a higher bail amount being set.

4. Road Rage and Vehicular Assault

According to law, vehicles are weapons. So, if you hurt another person while you are driving your vehicle, it will be viewed similar to assault in many states. Often, the most serious offense is charged after a hit and run – where the person driving the car that hurt another person tries to get away – only to be caught later.

5. Assault

Assault is also viewed seriously across the U.S. People lose their temper all the time, and when this happens, people sometimes get physical, and hit or kick the person who is frustrating them. This results in assault charges, which can often result in a higher bail. If the person is seriously injured, you could be charged with attempted murder – which is charged almost as harshly as murder in some states.

High Bail Amount? Contact a Bail Bondsman to Get Out of Jail

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*This article does not provide professional legal advice. Please refer to an attorney for correct legal information.