Why You Need a 24 Hour Bail Bondsman in Ohio

You just got the call from your friend – he has been arrested. You want to help, but it’s the middle of the night. What do you do? Who do you call? We’ve just highlighted the reason you need a 24-hour bail bondsman in Ohio. Let’s take a closer look. Arrests Happen at Inconvenient Times […]

Get Loved Ones Out of a Toledo Jail for the Holidays

There’s something special about being home for the holidays. It can be difficult for families who are separated during Christmas. This is especially true for those who are sitting in jail after an arrest. While there isn’t a good time to be arrested and sit in jail, the holidays can be designated as the absolute […]

The Booking and Bail Process in Toledo, Ohio

When a person is arrested, they will be booked into jail. The booking process has many steps. It can be helpful to know what is happening to your friend or family member if they have been arrested. Let’s look at what the booking process looks like in Toledo, Ohio, and what you’ll need to get […]

What Happens When a Defendant Skips Bail in Ohio?

The world of bail agents and bounty hunters is shrouded in mystery and myths. Much of this is due to to Hollywood and TV. After all, bail bondsman are usually portrayed as tough, leather wearing, gun toting bounty hunters. This simply isn’t true. As a bail agent, my job is to help you or a […]

10 Crimes Sure to Raise Your Bail in Ohio

When a person is arrested for a crime, usually on the first day or day thereafter, a bail hearing is held and a judge sets the bail amount. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant returns to court for all hearings until the case is completed. The bail acts as insurance for […]