Get Loved Ones Out of a Toledo Jail for the Holidays

Get Loved Ones Out of Jail for the Holidays

Don’t leave your friends or family in jail for the holidays. Call Toledo Ohio Bail Bonds to get them out fast!

There’s something special about being home for the holidays. It can be difficult for families who are separated during Christmas. This is especially true for those who are sitting in jail after an arrest. While there isn’t a good time to be arrested and sit in jail, the holidays can be designated as the absolute worst. Unfortunately, people are often arrested during the holidays, because people are out and about, driving, drinking, and partying. Let’s take a look at a common reason for arrests during the holidays: OVI/DUI arrests.

OVI Arrests in Toledo, Ohio

In Ohio, Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI), is the equivalent to DUI laws in other states. A person is arrested if their blood alcohol content level is .08% or higher while operating a vehicle. There are many holiday parties around this time. Most of them serve alcohol. Most people don’t plan on drinking and driving. But, judgement is impeded when alcohol is consumed, and people get behind the wheel and this decision often ends in their arrest.

Getting Out of Jail After an OVI Arrest

When a person is arrested after being pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence, a certain bail amount is set that must be paid in order for them to be released. Often, the bail amount can be high, and be especially hard to pay, because it must be paid in cash. In situations like this, it  may be the best option to work with a bail bondsman, which means you’ll pay a much smaller fee.

Get a Loved One Home for the
Holidays Using Bail Bonds

At Bail Bonds Toledo Ohio, we understand the importance of family being together for Christmas. Don’t let a loved one sit in jail during this festive season. Instead, get them released by calling us to obtain Toledo Ohio bail bonds Henry County. We are here to answer your questions and walk you through the process!