My Friend Has Been Arrested: What Happens Next?

Friend has Been Arrested - What to DoWhen someone you care about has been arrested, there is a sense of loss and confusion. Most people don’t deal with the criminal justice system on a regular basis. When someone is arrested, there is a sense of confusion – what should you do next? Worry also begins to creep in: Should you work to get them out of jail quickly? Who should you contact? Thankfully, you aren’t alone in your struggle. The experienced bail bondsmen at Bail Bond Toledo Ohio are here to help. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss what happens next after someone you love is arrested.

Step One: Booking

After someone is arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail for booking. We’ve discussed the booking process in the past: It includes fingerprinting, the taking of the mug shot, questioning, a health screening, and other processes.

Step Two: Arranging Bail

Once the booking process is complete, the bail amount for the defendant will be decided. The bail amount and how it is set depends on the laws in the state where your friend is being held. In some cases, bail is set a bail hearing. It can also be set according to bail schedule, however. Regardless of how it is set, a bail amount must be paid in order for your loved one to be released. You can pay the bail outright using cash, or use other means, such as a bail bond, or using a home or other property as collateral.

Step Three: Consulting a Lawyer

Even if your friend doesn’t end up hiring a lawyer for their criminal case, it is wise to consult with one to learn as much as possible about their options. In some cases, having a lawyer can make a huge difference in the severity of your friend’s sentence. And, many criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations!

Step Four: The Trial

There are many steps that will take place before and during the trial. If you or your friend have never been involved in a criminal case before, it is wise to do your research beforehand to learn as much as possible about the steps and the process.

Has a Friend Been Arrested? Call Bail Bond Toledo Ohio for Fast, Experienced Help

If you just got the news that a friend has been arrested, don’t hesitate to call Bail Bonds Toledo Ohio. We have years of experience, and will help you determine the best path for getting your loved one released. Give us a call today!