The Booking and Bail Process in Toledo, Ohio

Learn about the booking and bail process in Toledo OhioWhen a person is arrested, they will be booked into jail. The booking process has many steps. It can be helpful to know what is happening to your friend or family member if they have been arrested. Let’s look at what the booking process looks like in Toledo, Ohio, and what you’ll need to get someone released from jail using a Wood County bail bond.

The Booking Process

When a person is arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail to be booked. The arrest takes place in many different situations, Sometimes, a person is arrested at the scene of the crime. But, in most cases, people are arrested after a police officer has gathered enough evidence for an arrest. Once they have been arrested, they will be booked into jail. This process can take some time, depending on how busy the jail is. Let’s look at a few things that take place during booking:

1. Name, Address, Crime

The name, address, birthdate, and the crime the arrested person has been accused of are all recorded. Additionally, their criminal history is checked to see fi they have a criminal background, or any outstanding warrants.

2. Fingerprinting

The fingerprints of the arrestee will be taken and added to the national database that is curated by the FBI. These can be used later during the investigation, and to track the criminal history of the arrestee.

3. Mug Shot

Additionally, a mug shot will be taken of the person who has been arrested. This is for multiple purposes. Often, this mug shot will be used by the police during a line-up, in order for the alleged victim to identify the suspect. Also, it is used as a point of reference to illustrate the physical state of the person upon their arrest.

4. Personal Property Confiscated

The arrested person’s personal property will be confiscated and catalogued. The items will be returned when the arrestee is released. The only items that will not be returned are illegal items (such as drugs), or items that are considered to be evidence in their case.

5. Search and Health Screening

Arresting officers usually perform a pat-down at the time of arrest. But, a full body search is completed once an arrestee has reached the jail. This search can be humiliating and intrusive, but is done to make sure the person isn’t carrying any contraband (such as drugs, alcohol, or weapons) into the jail. Additionally, blood tests and a health screening are done to make sure the arrestee isn’t sick or doesn’t have a transferrable disease.

6. Questioning

The arrestee is questioned about any gang affiliations before they are placed in any area of the jail. This is to ensure they aren’t in danger. Often, the Miranda Rights are given at this time, as anything they say can be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Call Toledo Ohio Bail Bonds to Get a Friend Released

If someone you care about is sitting in jail after an arrest, call Toledo Ohio Bail Bonds quickly. It is important that they get released as quickly as possible. We can provide you with all the help and information you need to get them out of jail! When you call us, have the name, birth date, booking number, and jail location of the person you are trying to bail out. That will help us begin the process.