What Happens When a Defendant Skips Bail in Ohio?

What happens when someone skips bail in Ohio?The world of bail agents and bounty hunters is shrouded in mystery and myths. Much of this is due to to Hollywood and TV. After all, bail bondsman are usually portrayed as tough, leather wearing, gun toting bounty hunters. This simply isn’t true. As a bail agent, my job is to help you or a loved one get out of jail quickly and affordably. Bounty hunters only get involved when the defendant fails to hold up his end of the bargain – showing up for court dates and appearances. Let’s look at what happens when a defendant skips bail in Ohio, what there response of friends and family will likely be, how a bail agent is held accountable, and why bounty hunters are called in.

What Does it Mean When Someone Skips Bail?

When a person is released on bail, the court is trusting they will return to face justice. If the defendant fails to appear in court for subsequent hearings after their release, it is called “skipping bail.” People skip bail for many reasons – often they are afraid of the consequences of a conviction, and don’t want to face prosecution or imprisonment.

What are the Consequences of Skipping Bail?

There are enormous consequences to skipping bail in Ohio. The defendant could face additional charges for jumping or skipping bail. The court would need to prove that the defendant skipped bail knowingly. Bail agents are held responsible to pay the company that insures them, and they will also need to collect money from the person who co-signed the bond. Because of this, they often hire bounty hunters to find and return the defendant to the court to avoid these additional costs. Friends and family of the defendant need to be careful that they don’t harbor the defendant if they have skipped bail – they, too could face criminal charges for harboring a fugitive. Additionally, friends or family who co-signed the bail bond will be responsible for the bond amount. If they used collateral to obtain the bond (such as a home), they could face foreclosure and possible loss of property. This is why it is important to only obtain a bail bond for someone you trust will appear for all court dates.

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